Mike Russo is your mortgage lender. We don’t just help finance your house, we help you get into your home. For over 25 years we have helped thousands of people find their home. No matter where you are in the mortgage process, whether this will be your first home, or your last, we are here for you every step of the way. So, how can we help you today?

About MortgageRight Services

MortgageRight is a top mortgage company that is committed to providing clients with a wide range of mortgage solutions. We help our customers purchase and retain their homes and also refinance their mortgages when the market offers that opportunity.

Our primary role is to make affordable and innovative mortgage products available to homebuyers and homeowners. We achieve that by linking our customers with the best lenders all over the country. More specifically, we take advantage of our vast connections to give borrowers access to great mortgage products that come with low-interest rates, competitive lending terms, and unparalleled customer service.

Equally essential is our life long service. We acknowledge that purchasing a home is a huge decision that impacts a family in many ways for several years to come. At MortgageRight, it neither starts nor ends with a mortgage. We work with our clients from the moment they conceive the idea to own a home, helping them find the best and most affordable property, and eventually settle in it.

Our experts are always on hand to help our customers keep track of the real estate market. When you work with us, they will advise you on the best mortgage options for your personalized situation, help you create an affordable financial plan, and recommend cash saving channels like refinances and switching mortgages whenever it is appropriate. This assistance is not time-limited; it lasts for as long as you are our customer.

Our online presence means that you can reach us any time of the day. It also accounts for our ability to process requests as quickly as possible. We do not have any hidden fees or costs and strictly adhere to our mission of helping people find a safe home where they can feel comfortable to grow into a family.

The Company

MortgageRight was started with the primary aim of making house ownership simpler and more affordable. For most people, the process of buying a home is a nerve wrecking experience that entails lots of paperwork, hassles, and confusing terms. But not when you work with us.

We have a dedicated staff that help with the legwork and paperwork, making the whole process fun and exciting for you – as it should be. Home ownership should be a thrilling experience, and here at MortgageRight, we go out of our way to ensure that it is.

Founded by Mike Russo over 25 years ago, our company boasts of plenty of experience. We are ready to serve you, no matter what stage of home ownership you are at. Whether you are shopping for a mortgage, looking for a house, trying to refinance or figuring a way to pay off your mortgage; our team is here for you.

We have worked with thousands of people and assisted them in their property ownership dreams, whether it is a first home, secondary home, investment property or any other property. Whatever you need, we have customized services for you.

Welcome to MortgageRight. We are also known as The Mike Russo Team, and we are ready to help you own your dream home!

Meet the Main Street Lender's Team

Mike Russo

Mortgage Broker

Mike Russo

Mortgage Broker

Mike Russo, owner and founder of Mike Russo Team. As a mortgage lender located in Baltimore, Maryland, we not only service Maryland, Alabama but also Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. We are eager to assist with first or second mortgages, including FHA, VA, conforming, jumbo loans and reverse mortgages (HECM). We can also provide assistance when you're looking to refinance to a lower interest rate, in danger of foreclosure or are seeking debt consolidation services. At each step of the way, our loan officers are here for you! Call Mike Russo Team today.



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