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Feeling excited about the prospect of buying a home? You should be! Purchasing a property is a huge investment, maybe the biggest you will ever make. Unfortunately, some buyers make the big leap without adequate information. That can impact both your financial and personal plans in an undesirable way.

Here at Mortgage Right, we believe that it is our responsibility as mortgage experts to furnish property buyers with all the information they need. While we strongly encourage you to contact us for more personalized information, we have prepared this section to help you get started on your journey to home ownership.

What Do You Need To Know As You Prepare To Purchase A Home?

The Mortgage Right website contains tons of helpful materials that will guide you before, during, and after a home purchase. This page is a mere preview of what we have on our website. So what information is covered?

•    Finding the best home:

there are several things to consider when doing house hunting, including location, calculating how much house you can afford, and everything else in-between. We have covered all that in detail.

•    Negotiations:

pretty much everything in a house purchase is negotiable, whether it is the house itself, the mortgage, or associated fees. We’ve outlined tips on how to score the best deals through negotiation.

•    The parties involved:

you may be in direct contact with your realtor only, but there are many other individual working behind the scenes to make your house purchase materialize. Learn the role of each one and how they add value to the transaction.

•    Choosing the right mortgage:

there are several types of home loans to choose from. Knowing about each one of them is the right step towards choosing the most suitable one for you. You can read all about on our website.

•    Getting pre-approved:

a pre-approval letter will go a long way in getting a seller to reserve the home for you. How do you go about getting it? And how does it differ from a pre-qualification letter? We have covered all that and so much more.

•    Applying for a mortgage:

your mortgage application alone can convince the underwriter to either offer or deny you the loan. What should you do to improve your chance of getting approved?

•    Mortgage costs:

the closing costs of your mortgage will affect its interest rate, the total amount and ultimately your monthly payments. Some lenders will not lend to a borrower who can’t afford to pay these costs upfront. Knowing about them in advance will certainly give you leverage way before you start dealing with a lender.

•    Mortgage payment:

how much money should you expect to pay every month? What happens if you pay off your mortgage early? Should you consider that route or simply wait for the loan’s full term? Our mortgage experts have answers to all those questions and any others you may have to help you in financial planning.

•    Mortgage refinance:

refinancing your home loan can help you lower the interest rate charged on it. Consequently, your monthly payments may reduce significantly, which in turn gives you an opportunity to save. But that’s only possible if you can do the refinance at the best time and with the best lender. We’ve covered that and everything else you need to know about refinancing on our website.

•    The Mortgage Right calculator:

it essential to have a calculator to help you crunch the mortgage numbers. We have an accurate and easy-to-use mortgage calculator that takes every value into account. It will help you to know how much down payment is ideal, the interest rate to expect, how much your monthly payment will be, and so much more.

•    Real estate market updates:

knowing market trends will help you know when interest rates drop and when lenders float better mortgage packages in the market. With that knowledge, you can know when to refinance or consider accelerated payments. But you need a real estate expert to interpret market events. The good news is we have many experienced mortgage gurus who always update our website with the latest news and interest rates. Be sure to check them out as frequently as possible and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and advice on a course of action.

Our Doors Are Open for Everyone

While the information covered on our website is critical to any homebuyer, it would be even better for you if we could personalize it some more. We understand that different people have unique needs, particularly when it comes to house buying. Such things as income, assets and financial obligations vary considerably, which is why we offer highly customized guidance to our customers.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the home buying process; the Mortgage Right team will guide you from there until you get the keys to your dream home. No matter how far are you in the home buying process, we’re here to help.

Feel free to browse the categories below, or through our site. Better yet, give us a call today so we can find out how we can best help.